Earthquake Preparedness Video

Preparedness for the home, workplace & community center

Earthquake preparedness for yourself and your community

"An excellent educational video on earthquake preparedness. BAREPP gives this outstanding resource our wholehearted endorsement." -Richard Eisner, Director of Bay Area Regional Earthquake Preparedness Project

"It should be seen by everyone who lives in earthquake country." -SFFD Assistant Chief Dennis Callahan, Earthquake Task Force

"It is one of the best public safety education tapes addressing earthquake preparedness!" -Peg Maloy, FEMA

For information, contact: TODCO 230 4th St., SF, CA 94103 (415) 896-1981

You can print this order form and send it in to TODCO (Tennants and Owners Development Corporation):

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ZIP ____________ ____TELEPHONE # (_____) ____________________________________________________

QUANTIY / LANGUAGE _____English _____ English open-caption ______Spanish _____Carnbodian
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COST PER VIDEO=$15.00 donation ($49.95 - corporate rate) plus $3.50 shipping and handling.

Total nurnber of videos __________ Amount enclosed ________________________

Checks payable to TODCO 230 Fourth St., San Francisco. CA 94103. Call (415) 896-1981