Your Local Volunteer Center

Helping the Community Respond...
...are the Volunteer Centers of the Bay Area. They mobilize volunteer resources to solve a wide range of community problems at all times.

When a disaster strikes, the centers use their experience to help you respond in the best way possible.

Their main role is in responding to disasters is to mobilize emergent volunteers--individuals and groups who want to help but don’t have disaster training or experience--and connect those people with agencies and organizations that need help.

Disaster-related volunteer work may include such tasks as damage assessment, food preparation, language interpretation, and message delivery. Other tasks run the gamut from cleaning up to entering data to transporting people to answering phones.

Following a major disaster, each Volunteer Center will establish a clearinghouse for emergent volunteers. After a brief interview regarding their skills, experience, and availability, volunteers will be linked with an appropriate task or organization.

Businesses, service clubs, and congregations will be enlisted to meet immediate and long-term recovery needs. Pre-disaster contact with a local Volunteer Center will speed the connection of these groups with a variety of disaster assignments.

After a disaster, any nonprofit or government agency that needs help with response or its own recovery may request volunteers by contacting a Volunteer Center clearinghouse. Information provided by the agency at the time of the request will help volunteer interviews make effective referrals.

Agencies engaged in disaster planning are encouraged to use Volunteer Centers as a source of information and technical assistance. Through training, consultations, and how-to guides, Volunteer Centers help agencies prepare to involve emergent volunteers in maintaining or expanding services to the community following a disaster.

Bay Area Volunteer Centers Disaster Response, a program of The Volunteerism Project, coordinates disaster planning among Volunteer Centers. Funded mainly by the Northern California Disaster Preparedness Network, the program also received a grant from the Allstate Foundation.

The Volunteerism Project was created in 1990 to link the Volunteer Centers of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties in a coordinated plan to boost volunteerism in the Bay Area and to enhance the Volunteer Center’s capacity to respond to increased demands on new opportunities.

You Can Get Involved...
· if you represent a business, corporation, congregation, service club, or other group, your employees or members can be referred to disaster volunteer opportunities.
· if you represent a private nonprofit or government agency that anticipates involving volunteers for a disaster recovery and response, you can learn how to be better prepared.
· if you are an individual with an interest in disaster planning, consider volunteering now to help your community prepare.

Call the disaster coordinator at your local Volunteer Center now to identify yourself, your group, your resources, your needs, and your desire to help.

Following a disaster, contact the nearest Volunteer Center.
· call 1-800-CARE-123
· call the listed phone number
· proceed as directed by radio or TV announcements

The Volunteer Center of Alameda County
1904 Franklin, Suite 211, Oakland, CA 94612
PH. # (510) 419-3970 FAX (510) 419-3975

21455 Birch Street, Hayward, CA 94541
PH. # (510) 538-0554 FAX (510) 538-9317

333 Division Street, Pleasanton, CA 94566
PH. # (510) 462-3570 FAX (510) 462-2063

The Volunteer Center of Contra Costa
1820 Bonanza St., Suite 100, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
PH. # (510) 472-5760 FAX (510)472-5780

The Volunteer Center of Marin
650 Las Gallinas, San Rafael, CA 94903
PH. # (415) 479-5660 FAX (415) 479-9722

West Marin Branch
PO Box 622, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
PH. # (415) 663-8361 FAX (415) 499-6637

The Volunteer Center of San Francisco
1160 Battery Street, Suite 70, San Francisco, CA 94111
PH. # (415) 982-8999 FAX (415) 399-9214

The Volunteer Center of San Mateo County
800 South Claremont, Suite 108, San Mateo, CA 94402
PH. # (415) 342-0801 FAX (415) 342-1399

Bay Area Volunteer Centers Disaster Response
The Volunteerism Project
50 California Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94111
PH. # (415) 772-7381 FAX (415)391-8302