Disaster and Prepper Links

This area offers access to a diverse array of organizations and resource information related to emergency preparedness and planning.

Traditional Emergency Service Providers

Red Cross

Traditional Emergency Service Providers

California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Salvation Army
American Red Cross
National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD)


Emergency Preparedness information exchange page
Disaster and emergency preparedness information, service and supplies
Program for Safety and Ermergency Preparedness Response at UC Berkeley
Disaster Preparedness for Pets and Animals

Emergency Funding

Emergency cash loans


Eye on the World: Links to all types of disasters
FEMA homepage
California Office of Emergency Services
USGS Hazard Information page
National Hazard slides and information page
Cristal Verde Disaster Services


FEMA: Background on earthquakes and earthquake information
FEMA earthquake fact sheet
California Integrated Seismic Network
Maps and information on latest earthquakes
Information on latest significant earthquake
Earthquake information page
Los Angeles City Fire Department Earthquake Handbook
City of Monterey, CA Fire Department Earthquake Tips
Frequently asked earthquake questions
USGS Earthquake homepage: information and links
Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) homepage
National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering
Earthquake Information Network
Earthquake engineering research center
USGS earthquake information page: links to earthquake information


FEMA - U.S. Fire Administration - Fire Saftey articles
Los Angeles City Fire Department Fire Safety articles by Captain Bud Gundersen
What to do after you have had a fire in your home
International Fire Information Network
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Safety Tips


FEMA: Background on floods and flood information
FEMA flood fact sheet
WWW Hot Topics - California weather conditions and links
Emergency Plumbers - Rapid Leak Fixing and Cleanup
USGS Flood information links
Southeast Regional Climate Center: Flood information

Hazardous Materials

FEMA: Hazardous Materials Ermergency Preparedness information
U.S. Coast Guard National Response Center:
(federal point of contact for reporting oil and chemical spills)
EPA: U.S Environmental Protection Agency information
Dept. of Transportation: Research & Special Projects Administration - Hazardous Materials Info


FEMA: Background on hurricanes and hurricane information
FEMA hurricane fact sheet
Information about hurricanes
Preparing for hurricanes
Hurricane evacuation information
USA Today: How and why hurricanes occur
Hurricane damage potential scale
Saffir-Simpson damage potential scale
Background information on Eastern Pacific hurricanes


FEMA: Background on tornadoes and tornado information
FEMA tornado fact sheet
Torro - Tornado and Storm Research Organization
Information on recent tornadoes with fatalities
Tornado Project Online homepage


FEMA: Background on tsunamis and tsunami information
FEMA tsunami fact sheet
University of Washington Geophysics Department Tsunmai Program
Pacific Tsunami Museum
NOAA Tsunami Research Program
Russian Academy of Sciences - Tsunami Laboratory
USGS Tsunami information


FEMA: Background on volcanoes and volcano information
FEMA volcano fact sheet
Cascades Volcano Observatory page
USGS volcanic information page
Index of volcanic hazards
Michigan Tech University Volcano homepage (with world wide volcanic activity maps)
Alaska Volcano Observatory (dedicated to monitoring worldwide volcanic activity)
Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (weekly newsletter about volcanic activity)
USGS Long Valley Caldera (volcano monitoring site)

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