How to Create an Agency Disaster Plan


A workshop designed to help community based organizations survive a catastrophic disaster and continue to serve people who are vulnerable. Presented by VOICE of Contra Costa County. A Volunteer Organized Initiative for Community Emergencies, funded by the Northern California Disaster Preparedness Network.

How to Write An Agency Disaster Plan in Six Weeks

Write the answers to the following questions in a simple notebook. It should take only an hour or less to answer each week's list of items-that's just twelve minutes per day. Work on the questions with others to build the most complete plan possible.

Week One

Can Your Agency Continue to Serve After a Disaster?

Week Two

The Emergency Team

Week Three

What Resources are on Hand?

Week Four

Your Neighborhood

Week Five

Your Clients

Week Six


With the answers to the above questions written in a notebook, you have a basic plan for your agency that will help you to continue service to your clients in the critical three days after a disaster.

Do you need more specific information to ensure your clients' survival in a disaster? Ask VOICE to help you. Work with other agencies to meet the unique needs of the population you serve.

Important Phone Numbers

The American Red Cross, Contra Costa County
(510)603-7400 (24 hours)

Contra Costa County Office of Emergency Services
disaster preparedness information

The Volunteer Center of Contra Costa County
volunteer resources
(510) 472-5760

VOICE of Contra Costa County
disaster preparedness planning for vulnerable populations

When creating an agency plan, keep in mind some basic assumptions: