Vulnerable Population Links

This area offers access to a diverse array of organizations and resource information related to meeting the needs of vulnerable people.

Definition of Vulnerable Populations

In disaster preparedness and response, the terms "vulnerable" or "special needs" populations are often used to characterize groups whose needs are not fully addressed by traditional service providers. For the purposes of this site, "vulnerable populations" are people who feel they cannot comfortably or safely access and use the standard resources offered in disaster preparedness, relief and recovery. They include but are not limited to those who are physically or mentally disabled (blind, Deaf, hard-of-hearing, cognitive disorders, mobility limitations), limited or non-English speaking, geographically or culturally isolated, medically or chemically dependent, homeless, frail/elderly and children.


Center for the study of Autism
A to Z index for links & information on autism

Communication/Speech Impediments

Stuttering homepage
Sppech & communication disorders journals
Stuttering symptoms and treatments
Therapy programs by state

Environmental Illness

Organizations and contacts for Gulf War Syndrome
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
Heat illness page

Hearing Impaired

Deaf Gopher w/links
International Web Publication of the Deaf (includes multi-language accesses)
Central Institute for the Deaf
Project HIIT: internet for the hearing impaired; (lots of links)
Interactive finger spelling & Braille guide

Mental Illness

Indices on mental disabilities
Office of Special Education
Special Olympics - Headquarters
Special Olympics - Northern California Program

Physical Disability

Indices on businesses and types of disabilities
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (org. for therapy for disabled persons)
Microsoft Accessibility and Disabilities product information
Apple Computer homepage for resources about Mac assistive technologies (lots of good links)
The Amputee Online homepage

Seeing Eye/Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc.
Mail List Server

Visually Impaired

Links to visual disabilities
More links to visual disabilities
The American Council of the Blind
Links to blindness pages
National Federation of the Blind
The Braille Institute