Mission Statement

The mission of PrepareNow.org is to ensure that the needs and concerns of vulnerable people are addressed in emergency preparedness and response.

PrepareNow.org provides the tools, expertise and access to resources to assist anyone engaged in disaster planning for individuals with special needs. Vulnerable people are those who cannot comfortably or safely access and use the standard resources offered in disaster preparedness, relief and recovery. For example:

  •   a disabled person whose needs cannot be met in a shelter

  •   a non-English-speaker who does not understand the order to evacuate

  •   a frail elder who cannot lift or carry a disaster supply kit

  •   a recent immigrant who is reluctant to ask for help

  • Who can benefit from using this site?

  •   Community-based organizations: Your expertise and community awareness make you the best resource for the population you serve. When you're prepared to serve your clients, you are part of the solution if a disaster strikes.

  •   Local government: Planning for people with special needs is a critical component of your emergency plan. Use the site resources and work with community-based organizations to address these needs in your community.

  •   Neighborhood organizations: Neighborhoods are a critical component of early response. Learn how to help your neighbors prepare and work together when there's a disaster.

  •   Families: Do you have elderly parents, a non-English-speaking relative or a disabled child? Learn what emergency supplies to have on hand and how else to help those you care for.