Disaster Preparedness Information - English

Some of these documents provide assistance for organizations whose client base includes vulnerable people, while others are designed as planning tools for individuals. The information in this library makes it possible for organizations with limited staff and funding to make preparedness information available to a broader audience.

All library documents are downloadable and in the public domain. Each may be used as is or adapted. Credit to the original creator and/or this website is appreciated.

Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco
  Earthquake Tips for People with Disabilities
  Tips for Collecting Emergency Documents
  Tips for Creating an Emergency Health Information Card
  Earthquake Tips for People with Visual Disabilities
  Earthquake Tips for Hearing Impaired
  Earthquake Tips for People with Cognitive Disabilities
  Earthquake Tips for People with Environmental Illness or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
  Earthquake Tips for People With Mobility Disabilities
  Earthquake Tips for People Who Use Life Support Systems
  Earthquake Tips for People with Communication and Speech Related Disabilities
  Earthquake Tips for People with Psychiatric Disabilities
  Earthquake Tips for Owners of Service Animals and Pets

Latinos Preparados Program
  Helping the Community to Prepare for a Disaster
  Latinos Preparados Goals and Activities
  Public Service Announcements from Latinos Preparados
  Ayudando a la comunidad a prepararse en situaciones de emergencia y casos de desastre
  Objetivos de Latinos Preparados

Miscellaneous Earthquake Links and Preparedness Tips
  Bay Area Preparedness Coalition - Seniors and People with Disabilities
  Earthquake Home Safety Guide (City of San Jose)
  Good Samaritan Health Systems - Special Medical Needs
  Monterey Co. Emer. Food Asst. Project - Workbook for Service-providing Agencies
  Palo Alto Humane Society - First Aid for Animals
  TODCO - 27 Minute Video on Earthquake Preparedness
  VOICE of Contra Costa County - Creating an Agency Disaster Plan in Six Weeks
  Volunteer Centers of the Bay Area
  Volunteer Center Response Plans
  Volunteer Center of Marin - A Guide to Organizing Neighborhoods
     for Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery

  Yerba Buena Consortium - Earthquake Preparedness Program